Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

advantages of cosmetic dentistry

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says cosmetic dentistry? A pearly white grin? Celebrities smiling for the camera? Beautifully straight teeth? While all those things are certainly relevant, did you know that cosmetic dental treatments provide other perks for your oral health instead of just enhancing the aesthetics of your smile?

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Sidney, get in touch with a dentist near you.

Reasons to Receive Cosmetic Dentistry

To many Canadians, taking care of their oral hygiene plays an essential role when it comes to looking and feeling their best. Whether we’re attending a job interview, giving a class presentation, going out on a first date, or reuniting with friends, we all deserve to feel confident in our own skin.

Enter cosmetic dentistry. This branch of dentistry offers a wide range of services for all patients including teeth whitening, porcelain or ceramic veneers, and dental crowns. But before you commit to any form of treatment, always be sure to book a consultation with a dentist in Sidney. They’ll be more than happy to assist you throughout this process, answering all your questions, and helping you remain comfortable and calm.

Noted below are the main reasons why you may want to consider receiving cosmetic dentistry:

•It can prevent decay.

Many dental treatments blur the lines between different branches of dentistry. Cosmetic processes often include a deep cleaning of your teeth and gum tissue. This is done to eliminate plaque and tartar, as these things can impact your procedure and hinder your recovery time. Not to mention that it prevents more serious issues from surfacing in the future, particularly gingivitis and periodontal disease.

•It reduces discomfort.

Oral pain can be caused by a number of things including cavities, infection, and broken teeth. Receiving cosmetic treatments like dental crowns and fillings effectively addresses the latter. As a result, you won’t have to deal with tooth and jaw aches each time you chew and bite.

•Increases your quality of life.

Did you know that gum disease can lead to heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and certain cancers? Our biological systems are highly interconnected; when one area is harmed or diseased, it can easily trigger a domino effect that can be hard to stop. Furthermore, chronic stress can exacerbate health problems, oral or otherwise.

•It prevents headaches and jaw aches.

Often, when we have broken teeth, we tend to compensate elsewhere, especially when we’re eating. As a result, this creates unnecessary stress and pressure on our jaw and can even cause our other teeth to become broken as well. And, since our jaws are directly connected to our skulls via our temporomandibular joints (TMJ), oral strain contributes to headaches and earaches.

•You’ll sleep better.

In many instances, worn down and chipped teeth arise from constant grinding and clenching (aka bruxism). Treatments like dental bonding, installing a crown, and even dental veneers restore our teeth to their former glory, which eliminates bruxism and therefore, allows us to sleep better.

•You can eat all your favorite meals again!

We all have comfort foods for a reason! When our teeth are repaired, we can get back to satisfying those cravings and truly enjoying a meal shared with our family and friends.

•It boosts your mental health.

There’s so much more to cosmetic dentistry than improving the appearance of your smile. At Sidney Harbour Dental, we recognize that good oral health goes hand in hand with our self-esteem, and we’re here to help you fall in love with your smile and yourself again.

So, if you’re interested in receiving cosmetic dentistry near you, contact us via phone, through our website, or in person today!