How Often To Get Professional Teeth Whitening

How Often To Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you thinking about getting teeth whitening near you? Even though there are several over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments available today, alternatives can be hit or miss. It is both simpler and safer to select in-office therapy from a dental professional who is skilled at administering this service. 

How Often Can I Get Teeth Whitening?

The dentist will frequently examine the patient’s mouth before beginning any teeth-whitening procedures. The bleaching substances that dentists use to whiten teeth, such as hydrogen peroxide, can momentarily erode tooth enamel. Because temporary tooth discomfort typically only lasts a few days, this is typically not a major issue. Typically, issues occur in patients who already have poor enamel as a result of tooth decay, tooth erosion, or exposed tooth roots as a result of gum disease. Dentists advise spacing out whitening procedures since they can weaken the enamel on the teeth.

Usually, professional teeth whitening procedures are only carried out once a year. These procedures entail the use of powerful bleaching chemicals. The enamel may become permanently damaged if these treatments are used excessively.

During bleaching procedures, the patient’s teeth are normally evenly coated with the bleaching substance using specialized mouth trays. These trays are created using the patient’s dental impression. They are instructed to bite into a mold that the dentist in Sidney uses to capture an impression of their teeth. Custom mouth trays are created in a dental lab using the imprint. The process takes around two weeks, after which the dentist receives the finished product.

The dentist will place a bleaching substance on a mouth tray before having the patient bite down on it to begin the whitening procedure. For the next hour or two, the patient retains the tray in their mouth. After the operation, the patient’s teeth should be noticeably whiter, and many patients are happy with the shade of their teeth after just one visit.

Typically, patients who have professional whitening treatments are permitted to utilize touch-up at-home whitening products. Since the bleaching compounds in these at-home kits are less concentrated, they have less of an impact on the enamel of the teeth.

Explaining In-Office Whitening Treatment 

The details provided here make it easier for people who are considering selecting a dentist to administer in-office whitening treatments to learn more about what will be required of them.

  • Picking a colour

The first step in the procedure is to take a digital image of the patient’s teeth in order to document their current tooth colour. After that, the patient decides what shade they want their smile to be; often, they opt for two to three shades whiter. With the dentist’s permission, people who want stronger whitening can go up to nine shades.

  • Applying the whitening agent after teeth cleaning

The patient’s teeth will then be cleaned to eliminate any plaque that may still be on them and to shine their teeth. This procedure is required to enable the whitening solution to function as intended. The teeth will next be treated with the whitening solution following the cleaning procedure. This portion of the procedure should last the patient roughly 60 minutes.

  • The solution is activated by light

Since the light will raise the temperature of the whitening solution, it is frequently utilized to accelerate the procedure. The whitening process moves more quickly thanks to the greater heat, which also intensifies the whitening effect. 

A professional dentist’s teeth whitening method is safe and efficient because the patient’s gums are covered and consequently safeguarded throughout the entire in-office whitening procedure.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Sidney

Are you prepared to get your teeth whitened by a dentist near you? A dental professional’s supervision is required if you want to ensure that your teeth-whitening operation is carried out safely and effectively. This is the key factor contributing to the current surge in popularity of in-office teeth whitening procedures, together with the fact that they offer long-lasting benefits.

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