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Oral Surgery in Sidney

dental services in sidney
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Oral Surgery in Sidney

Oral Surgery Near You

Oral surgery can sound overwhelming, but it is a common dental procedure that often results in a happier, healthier individual. At Sidney Harbour Dental, we offer two kinds of oral surgery in Sidney to help alleviate our patients’ unpleasant symptoms and enhance their confidence.

Gum Grafting

If you have a receding gum line and the root of your tooth is exposed, you can benefit from gum grafting in Sidney. Exposed tooth roots can lead to bone deterioration, tissue loss, and tooth loss. Some of the most common causes of recession include aggressive brushing or a history of gum disease.

There are two main types of gum grafts available:

  • Free gingival graft: this type of gum grafting near you is used to thicken gum tissue. Your dentist will remove a layer of tissue from your palate and suture it to the receding area.
  • Connective tissue graft: this is most often used to cover exposed tooth roots. In this case, your dentist will remove tissue from the outer portion of your palate and relocate it to the affected area.

Gum grafting is a simple procedure, and in most cases, patients can return to work the next day. If you have a job that requires a lot of talking, however, it may be a good idea to take 1-2 days off work to allow the tenderness in your mouth to settle.

oral surgery in sidney
oral surgery near you

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket reduction surgery is a collective term for several different surgeries that work to allow dentists to gain access to the tooth root to remove any bacteria and calculus. Pocket reduction surgery near you is often performed to eliminate bacteria, reduce gum inflammation, and save teeth. The main goals of pocket reduction surgery are:
  • Reducing bacterial spread
  • Stopping bone loss
  • Making home care simpler
Pocket reduction surgery is performed using a local anesthetic. Your dentist will gently pull your gums back from your teeth to eliminate bacteria and tartar. They will also use a root planer and scaler to ensure that all debris is fully removed from the tooth root. Finally, your dentist will reattach the gum tissue. There isn’t much discomfort associated with pocket reduction surgery, and most patients can manage any pain using ibuprofen.

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