What to Do in Case of a Dental Emergency?

What To Do in Case of Dental Emergency

Unexpected dental emergencies can happen and cause considerable pain and discomfort. Knowing how to act promptly and effectively in such circumstances might be quite important to preserve your oral health.

This blog post aims to guide you through the essential steps recommended by our dentist in Sidney to take during a dental emergency, providing you with the information and confidence to handle the situation until you can receive professional dental care.

Stay Calm

It’s essential to maintain a sense of calm throughout a dental emergency. Panic can exacerbate the issue and can impair your ability to think clearly. Remind yourself that there are things you can perform to reduce the discomfort and seek the right treatment by taking a deep breath.

Assess the Situation

Assess how serious the dental emergency is. Is there pain, a fractured tooth, or damage to the mouth’s soft tissues? Knowing the problem will make it easier for you to decide what has to be done and how quickly you need expert assistance.

Contact Your Dentist

Contact your dentist near you immediately if you notice you have a dental emergency. Give a comprehensive explanation of the circumstance and any relevant facts. Dentists can advise you on your next steps and are qualified to manage emergencies. If it is after business hours or on the weekend, they could provide a number to call for emergencies or voicemail instructions.


If you have a severe toothache, gently floss and rinse your mouth with warm water to get rid of any food particles that can be the source of the pain. Aspirin and other medicines should not be used directly on the gums since this might irritate them. In the meantime, until you can visit your dentist, over-the-counter painkillers can help.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Time is essential if a tooth is completely knocked out. Gently rinse the teeth with water, but refrain from scratching or scraping off any tissue fragments that are still in place. If you can, try to put the tooth back in its socket while biting down on some fresh gauze or cloth to keep it there. If this isn’t possible, put the tooth in milk or a tooth preservation solution your dentist has prescribed and visit the dentist immediately.

Broken Tooth

Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water if a tooth is cracked or fractured to get rid of any food particles. Apply gentle pressure with a clean towel or piece of gauze if there is bleeding. Visit your dentist immediately and save any fractured tooth fragments. They will determine the damage’s extent and recommend the best course of action.

Soft Tissue Injury

It can be quite painful to sustain injuries to the tongue, gums, or cheeks. Use a diluted saltwater solution to rinse your mouth to clean the area and lower the possibility of infection. To prevent bleeding, gently press the area with a clean towel or piece of gauze. Visit an emergency facility promptly if the bleeding persists or the damage is severe.

Although dental crises might be upsetting, you can effectively handle the situation until you can visit emergency dentistry near you by staying calm and taking the right measures. They will advise you on the appropriate steps to take and make sure you get the right care to deal with the problem. Prioritizing your oral health prior to being prepared for emergencies may protect your smile and overall well-being.

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